Friday, 30 November 2018

Special 90th Birthday delivery from Care In Hand

Mrs Evans, one of Care In Hands' long time clients had a lovely surprise this year when turning 90.

The days started out like any other and when Steph called at her usual time it was a big bouquet of flowers from all at Care In Hand that came through the door first.

Happy Birthday from us all and we hope you had a lovely day Mrs Evans.

Message from: Julia

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Please pass on the message

After a peaceful passing a thank you to everyone who looked after Mrs Myring so well since her move, especially Denise, Theresa and Becky being the people mentioned the most.

All of your help was much appreciated.

Message from: Family

Compliments of the North

A very nice compliment has been made regarding our care staff in the North of Pembrokeshire this week so well done to the team for providing what was described as "Excellent care and an excellent service"

Message from: Fiona

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Companies such as Care in Hand are vital...

Whilst a review was being carried out with a client of Care In Hand's it was expressed how valuable our services are to him helping with his wife and he is so grateful for everything.

"I have met with Paul Evans Welsh Conservative MP and told Mr Evans of the dedication the company shows toward the ageing population and that it is vital that companies such as Care in Hand continue in the Fishguard area."

Great work by the Fishguard Team, well done!

Message from: Fiona

Monday, 20 August 2018

Against The Clock!!

Mrs Beynon rang to say thank you very much to everybody who helped her to get to her appointment on time.

It meant the world to her and it was a big success. She felt so much better compared to last time after some much need adjustments were made.

She asked that the care staff that saw to her are thanked as she knows how difficult it was and they worked magnificently to get her ready on time.

She cannot thank Care In Hand enough for all that they do for her but especially for this.

Many thanks to you all.

Message from: Orlaith

Thank you for all your support

A special thank you to all the staff for all they did to support Mum.

Best Wishes

Message from: Family of Mrs Ward

You shall go to the ball...

With concerns that such a big day would be too much to cope with, it was decided that it would not be possible to attend the wedding of her Granddaughter.

However with the fabulous work of Stacey Williams the client was encouraged to prepare for the wedding and Stacey even offered to accompany her.  Together they outlined goals to achieve on the day and over a 2 month period, Stacey and her client worked towards these which resulted in the client attending the wedding and even managing to stay for both the ceremony and reception. 

The Granddaughter has written to Stacey and thanked her for enabling this to happen as she never thought her Grandmother would ever be able to attend.

Well done Stacey!!

Message from: Julia

I am so happy

Having just started to be cared for by your staff I would like to say how professional the girls are.

I have one of the cares I had several years ago who was on my list of top ten careers I have ever had. She knows my routine and where I keep things. This has made my life so much easier.

Thank you so much I couldn’t be happier.

Message from: Laura

The World of Good!!

Well done to the team who care for a client in the Haverfordwest area. After a year of bandages and dressings it was said that a few days rest has done the world of good and have now seen the dressings finally removed. One carer said:

"Good news Gleyn's right leg is bandage free and looking pretty much normal 👍👍 been going to her for a year and that’s the first time I have seen her leg without a bandage so super progress 😊😊 "

Great work everyone!!

Message from: Fiona

Friday, 27 April 2018

A farewell thank you...

As a friend takes over from Care In Hand, Paula wishes to pass on her thanks to everyone saying "I think the cares i had were fabulous".

Good luck Paula and you are very welcome!

Message from: Paula